Multicultural Year-End Luncheon Celebration

Dixon’s Bilingual students hosted a Multicultural Luncheon on Friday, May 29, 2015 for the staff. Students were asked to bring in a variety of ethnic foods to share. We had a successful turn out with a diverse menu. Parents proudly cooked food from their country’s: Nigeria, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Our bilingual students stayed on their toes ensuring that all staff tasted their special dish.

Dixon’s bilingual population is steadily growing. Their Bilingual Resource teacher, Jennifer Lee is promoting cultural awareness among the staff and students. We want for all students to be included in all aspects of the school and acknowledge the unique differences students may possess. To encourage teacher’s understanding and recognition of each student’s cultural life and background we took the first step by breaking bread. Carol Shriver, a registered dietitian and clinical nutrition manager with Presence Central Illinois Region, said, “The family that eats together has better communication, and the kids do better in school because they’re involved.”  This Multicultural luncheon brought smiles to hungry teachers and erupted conversations between teachers and students.  Be on the lookout for more Multicultural Luncheon’s at Dixon.

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