Mrs. Apap’s 3rd Graders Complete Project SEED

3rd Grade Project SEED team with instructor Ms. BeebeMrs. Apap’s 3rd graders successfully completed their special Project SEED Advanced Math Class. They are pictured here with their Project SEED instructor, Ms. Beebe. During the 10 week course, students learned about additive inverses, multiplicative inverses, I sub +, I sub x, fractions, and Greek letters for variables.

The Project SEED method engages young, active minds with an interactive question-and-answer style of teaching, promoting deep understanding of mathematical concepts. In this safe environment, students can take academic risks without fear of embarrassment or humiliation, while constant opportunities to give feedback help maintain student focus. Mastering advanced mathematical concepts boosts confidence in young students, improves their performance in other academic areas, and teaches them to be effective learners.

Great job 3rd graders!

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