Radio Dixon Podcast #2

Being ThankfulRadio Dixon Podcast #2 – We Are Thankful!
Thanksgiving is more than turkey and dressing, it’s about giving thanks for all that we have been given.  Here are some students at Dixon ELA talking about what they are thankful for!

Posted on November 25, 2015, by Dixon Educational Learning Academy
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Mrs. Bellamy’s 2nd Graders; Deriana Johnson, Calil White, Jaiden Fox, Chakalah Smith, Angel Jackson, and Quran Hatten tell what they are thankful for:

Mrs. Duncan-Hill’s 7th Graders; Kamerin Young, Carlos Green, Alejandra Green, and Josiah Davis tell what they are thankful for:

Mrs. Gipson-Hicks and Mrs. Apap’s 7th Graders; Corey Woodson and Charles Horn:


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