“Do Something” (After School Male Mentoring Program)



“Do Something” is a male mentoring program which is offered as an afterschool program here at Dixon Educational Learning Academy. The program meets in the school library on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


To prevent youth violence and promote positive youth development in the Detroit Metro tri-County areas  by creating academic-community collaborations that extend, evaluate and improve efforts to: 1) monitor and detect fatal and non-fatal youth violence; 2) conduct research aimed at identifying malleable factors related to youth violence and research on interventions that reduce youth violence and associated morbidity and mortality; and 3) create policies and practices that prevent youth violence.

What We Do

Do Something  collaborates with a coalition of, students and staff from Baltimore-based academic centers and partners, state and local officials, collaborators from Detroit Michigan – and organizations, as well as parents, local residents, and youth. The three goals of  the Do Something Program are to: 1) create and sustain an administrative infrastructure to support implementation and evaluation activities, 2) create, implement, and evaluate a multifaceted, evidence-based approach to youth violence prevention in a high-risk Detroit community, and 3) integrate training activities for early career researchers, educators, practitioners, community residents, and youth in youth violence prevention to complement the implementation and evaluation activities.. As outlined in our logic model, our goals are consistent with those of the National Bulling Prevention awareness  including: 1) supporting research aimed at generating and disseminating more effective practices for reducing injury-related death and disability; 2) implementing better procedures for monitoring and detecting fatal and non-fatal injuries; and 3) increasing the capacity of injury prevention and control programs to prevent injuries and violence through collaborations, education and training.

The Do something program, educates kids about life at an early age, (preparing them for the teen age years), making our youth able to deal with most of  life’s  problems before experiencing them first hand.